Omegaflex bioavailable Glucosamine, Omega-3 Wild Fish Oil and Organic Evening Primrose oil with Manganese, Vitamin C & Vitamin E, intensive support for joint health, pure Omega-3 & 6, 70% concentration high EPA fish oil combination formula, 60 capsules

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We are delighted to stock the marvellous Omegaflex bioavailable Glucosamine, Omega-3 Wild Fish Oil and Organic Evening Primrose oil with Manganese, Vitamin C & Vitamin E, intensive support for joint health, pure Omega-3 & 6, 70% concentration high EPA fish oil combination formula, 60 capsules.

With surplus amounts of good value supplement products on offer these days, it is good to have a name you can trust. this product is certainly that and will be a great buy.

For this price, this item comes highly approved and is always a regular choice with all of our customers. They have included some first-rate touches and this equals good value for money.

Manufacturer Description

Omegaflex combines glucosamine HCL, wild fish oil and organic evening primrose oil supplying key omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, plus additional micronutrients for intensive joint health support. Omegaflex replenishes and protects the joints by reducing oxidative stress and inflammation, supporting connective tissue and maintaining healthy collagen formation and normal cartilage function. Omegaflex combines hypoallergenic super-absorbable glucosamine hydrochloride with high strength omega-3 EPA from wild anchovy fish oil and GLA from organic evening primrose oil to maintain omega-3 and omega-6 balance in the body. With additional support from the micronutrients manganese, molybdenum & vitamins C & vitamin E, Omegaflex will help to keep your joints flexible, supple and pain-free. Vitamin C helps maintain normal immune function, providing support during and after intense physical exercise. Omegaflex is free from: dairy, gluten, lactose, shellfish, soya protein & yeast. It's GMO-free and doesn't contain any artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or artificial sweeteners. Each box contains 60 capsules, providing a 1-month supply at a daily dosage of 2 capsules, or a 2-week supply at a more intensive dosage of 4-5 capsules. Nutritional information Ingredients: Glucosamine hydrochloride; capsule shell (emulsifiers: fish gelatine, vegetable glycerol, colour: copper chlorophyll); rTG EPA (re-esterified triglyceride eicosapentaenoic acid) concentrate from marine fish oil; organic cold-pressed virgin evening primrose oil; vitamin C (ascorbic acid); emulsifiers: glyceryl monostearate, sunflower lecithin; antioxidant: vitamin E; manganese (II) sulphate; sodium molybdate dihydrate.

Product Features

SUPER-ABSORBABLE GLUCOSAMINE: we use the purest form of glucosamine - hydrochloride as opposed to sulphate. It's sourced from a natural fungus called aspergillus niger and is hypoallergenic - perfect for those with seafood allergies who normally have to avoid glucosamine. Glucosamine provides the shock-absorbing mechanism that protects joints against wear and tear. It also enhances the production of collagen and maintenance of connective tissues, thereby aiding in the repair of cartilage. ULTRA-PURE FISH OIL & ORGANIC EVENING PRIMROSE OIL: fatty acids EPA and GLA found in fish oil and evening primrose oil have a unique relationship and work together to 'switch off' inflammatory substances produced by the omega-6 fatty acid AA. Taking fish oil and evening primrose oil supports optimal omega-3 & 6 balance in the body, necessary for regulating levels of inflammation and good immune function. EPA supports cartilage & tendon and helps increase bone strength, density and healing. WITH MANGANESE AND VITAMINS C AND E: required for optimal immune support and for collagen synthesis, which provide strength, resilience and support to connective tissues, tendons and cartilage. Vitamin C supports collagen formation and cartilage function required for joint support and also helps maintain the normal function of the immune system during and after intense physical exercise. HIGHEST QUALITY & PHARMACEUTICAL GRADE: Our concentrated omega-3 oils need extra protection against oxidation so we ensure our supplements are constantly protected from air exposure. Our oils remain under a nitrogen cap until encapsulated and are packaged in protective individual blister packaging, with the antioxidant protection of vitamin E. Our products are produced in compliance with strict GMP to ensure high quality. All products are 3rd party tested to ensure purity & safety.

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