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Psycho's Purest L-Arginine (Strongest Legal) 'Muscle Pump' Powder - 250grams

Psycho's Purest L-Arginine (Strongest Legal) 'Muscle Pump' Powder - 250grams
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Product Features

PUREST Psycho L-Arginine powder - sourced from one of the World's leading manufacturers for 100% purity and immediate 'muscle-pumping' results! Psycho's L-Arginine can turn you into a 'beast' in the gym. Studies show that when you take L-Arginine powder, a process called 'vasodilation' occurs. This is a clever word for saying that your blood vessels widen and open up...letting more blood flow more easily. As everything 'opens up', you get a better PUMP in the gym. Feel your entire body open up, as it becomes engorged with more blood...and a far greater pump in your workout. One study by the School of Sport and Health Sciences at the University of Exeter concluded that L-Arginine in their study"...extended the time to exhaustion during severe-intensity exercise." (They studied nine healthy men under exercise conditions who were given an L-Arginine supplement.) Our L-Arginine is made in EXACTLY the same way as the 'big branded' stuff that you'll pay a lot more money for. It's made as pure as possible in a certified factory. There's no difference between our L-Arginine and the other stuff you'll pay for in a fancy tub. And the good news is that we offer it at about the lowest price you'll find anywhere online...

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