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SimplySupplements 100% Pure Marine Chondroitin 750mg|Perfect Partner to Glucosamine|60 Capsules

SimplySupplements 100% Pure Marine Chondroitin 750mg|Perfect Partner to Glucosamine|60 Capsules
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Manufacturer Description

What is Chondroitin?

Although chondroitin is a compound found naturally in the body, factors such as advancing age, previous injuries and medical conditions can harm the body's ability to produce it. Furthermore, food sources of chondroitin are famously scarce and therefore supplementation represents the only viable way to obtain additional chondroitin in the diet.

Pure, Marine-Sourced Chondroitin

At Simply Supplements, the form of chondroitin used in this supplement is the type that most closely resembles that naturally produced by the human body, and has been demonstrated to work most effectively in clinical trials. Cheaper alternatives may use bovine-derived chondroitin, but the nutrition team at Simply Supplements decided to exclusively use Marine Chondroitin from an ethical and sustainable source. In addition to improving the efficacy of the product, the use of marine chondroitin helps to eliminate the risk of contaminants that are sometimes associated with bovine derivatives.

Premium Quality and Superior Bioavailability

These Super Strength Marine Chondroitin capsules are manufactured in the UK to the prolific quality standards of the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Chemical analysis and batch testing ensures that only the purest ingredients make it into the capsules. The inclusion of the finest chondroitin and the implementation of strict quality control procedures guarantee a truly premium-quality chondroitin supplement.

Product Features

Believed to improve mobility A 'perfect partner' for Glucosamine Sulphate High quality Marine Chondroitin Goods Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Approved for complete quality assurance of the highest standard of manufacturing.

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